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  • 21-Thornton-St-Darling-Point
    21 Thornton St
    Darling Point NSW
  • Golden-Sands-Main-Beach-Pde.jpg
    Golden Sands Main Beach Pde
    Surfers Paradise Queensland
  • 1-Silva-St-Tamarrama
    1 Silva St
    Tamarama New South Wales
  • 112-Kurraba-Rd-Neutral-Bay
    112 Kurraba Rd
    Neutral Bay New South Wales
  • Beachside-Towers-Main-Beach-Pde
    Beachside Towers Main Beach Pde
    Surfers Paradise Queensland
  • 15-Wylde-St-Potts-Point
    15 Wylde St
    Potts Point New South Wales
  • 205-Birrell-St-Waverly
    205 Birrell St
    Waverly New South Wales
  • 22-Mosman-St-Mosman
    22 Mosman St
    Mosman New South Wales
  • Admiral-North-Macarthur-Pde
    Admiral North Macarthur Pde
    Surfers Paradise Queensland

Welcome to Windowline the specialists in strata & large building window and door replacement

We know there comes a time when your assets need a new lease on life and when that happens it's important to be secure in your decision. To have total peace of mind for all decision makers on large projects is difficult so we pride ourselves on referrals from previous customers that are more than happy to talk to you.

Small or large strata window and door replacement projects comprise the major proportion of our business. These projects are by nature, more complex, and really do need to be done by specialists. With more than 25 years experience, Windowline is a licensed contractor and specialises in replacement windows. At Windowline, we are not aligned with a single manufacturer, but rather deal with all leading manufacturers. This allows us to make recommendations based on your requirements, rather than a limited product range.

Services in NSW & QLD

  • Strata building removal & replacement of existing aluminium window frames, balcony & entry doors
  • Whatever existing frames we remove, we absolutely guarantee to have the new frames installed in the same way
  • Windowline has been trading successfully since 1989 and there's no substitute for experience
  • We work on high rise buildings, unit blocks, apartments, strata & body corporate
  • At Windowline we deal with fabricators who have tested their frames for durability & acoustic performance with many different options available
  • Dedicated site supervisors are part of the team and we make sure your job is carried out to the exacting standards we expect from our installers
  • Windowline has all necessary insurances & public liability in place to make sure everything is compliant
  • We have a documented safe work system in place that complies with current OH&S requirements. Daily risk assessments are carried out to ensure your safety

Need some help?

Give us a call in our capital city offices or
visit our contact form

  • 07 55203894 — QUEENSLAND
  • 02 8304 6400 — NEW SOUTH WALES

Take a tour

Tour one of our current projects called Sunbird Apartments. Experience how invasive and messy this work can be and witness our unique methods of unit protection

Launch Project Virtual Tour


View our Video for a full range of services and project scope

Project Map

Come and browse our many projects throughout Australia with a detailed Project descriptions

I was aware of this need back in 1989, when I started Windowline in a spare room in my home. I made a commitment to deliver customer service that would not just satisfy our clients, but delight them.
Gary Stevenson - CEO and Founder

Windowline is a proud member of the following leading Industry Associations

  • Housing Industry Association
  • Australian Window Association
  • Strata Community Australia - New South Wales
  • Strata Community Australia - Queensland
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